Equipment Needed for Traffic Control and Management

traffic management equipment

Whether you are completing a construction project or holding an event, any operation that will change traffic conditions needs to be managed appropriately for safety.

Our expert team can assist you with comprehensive traffic management plans (TMPs) that include full risk assessment and site management, as well as permits and approvals to ensure your project runs to your deadline. We can also assist with all of your equipment needs for a completely safe work environment.

Some of the essential items required for traffic control include:

Road safety barriers

Putting traffic control equipment between vehicles and construction is essential. We provide industry-leading barriers that can be used for short or long term projects. Not only are there hazards on worksites that need to be separated from pedestrians and vehicles, but there are also conditions like loose or uneven surfaces that can cause a vehicle to lose control. With proper planning and the correct barriers, you can ensure traffic is never exposed to construction hazards.

Properly designed barriers are also going to reduce the severity of crashes. No matter how much you plan and put safety measures in place, there is always the possibility of events outside of your control. Suppose there is any incident where a vehicle is speeding or loses control and collides with these barriers. In that case, it will lessen the impact and prevent the driver from crashing into areas populated with pedestrians and workers.

Impact attenuators

Also known as Truck Mounted Attenuators (TMAs), these mobile barriers can be put in place to cushion the blow of any accidents or incidents. These are ideal for projects where the plan is going to change over time.

Physical barriers, such as concrete barriers and water barriers, will take time and effort to move into new locations. TMAs can be driven into place, making them a great option to seal off an area if there is an incident to prevent further collisions.

Road signage

Providing clear directions for vehicles, pedestrians and moving machinery is an integral part of any TMP. These signs need to meet a range of conditions, including:

  • They must adhere to Australian road safety standards
  • They must be durable and accurately sized for their specific use
  • They must be retro reflective
  • They must be arranged in a way that is suitable for the road work activity and in line with the Code of Practice Roadside Safety Traffic Management
  • They must be clean and undamaged adequately weighed down and positioned in a prominent and highly visible location.
  • Their introduction to the road environment mustn’t obstruct visibility or crate new hazards.

We stock a full range of control equipment, temporary traffic warning signs and multi-message frames, along with weights to properly secure them in place.

Safety cones

Also known as ‘traffic cones’, we can provide options in two sizes (450mm and 700mm) made from durable PVC material. These have sturdy, weighted bases to prevent them from tipping over in windy conditions when there is heavy congestion.

As well as safety cones, you may also need bollards to prevent pedestrians and vehicles from accessing unsafe areas, and lane dividers to deter cars from switching lanes where there is a hazard. Bollards are best suited for instances where there are large vehicle traffic areas and strong winds because of their height (1150 mm), and also because they can be weighed down according to need with multiple bollard bases that can be stacked.

Arrow boards

Our LED arrow boards are large, durable and highly visible, so motorists have clear visibility of the path they need the travel through the construction area.

These arrow boards can be trailer mounted or mounted to a ute or truck for traffic control, and are also essential for lane closures. These can be used for events, construction projects or any other scenario where vehicle movement control is required.

Variable message signs

If there are changed traffic conditions, these signs are a great way to provide tailored information in advance to be prepared. You can program these signs to display any required message, warning motorists of construction, changed conditions, roadworks, reduced speed limits, events in progress or any other conditions that will impact their driving.

Temporary speed humps and other accessories

Traffic control equipment can be used depending on the conditions, including removable speed humps to slow the speed of vehicles in areas where there are roadworks. Other road safety options that can be considered include:

  • Retractable belt barrier systems
  • Rubber wheel chocks to prevent machinery from rolling
  • Convex mirrors for blind spots and areas where heavy trucks and machinery may be entering or exiting
  • Corner protectors to prevent damage to vehicles
  • One-way road spikes
  • Road reflectors and much more

We can assist you with all your management needs to ensure that you have a completely safe worksite and conditions for employees, pedestrians and vehicles. Contact us today on (03) 9066 4417 or email us at

The Traffic Plans Company specialise in quality traffic management plans and planning around Melbourne and other areas of Australia.

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