What Goes into Traffic Management Planning?

Any project that impacts local streets and roads needs to be designed and managed correctly to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians.

That is where traffic management planning comes into play. Whether you are commencing a new construction project, upgrading an existing shopping centre or holding an event that impacts roads, it is essential to have this planning for the safety of all people and vehicles.

We combine our years of experience, industry-best standards and the latest software and technologies to ensure your project is ready to start on time. We will achieve this through:

  • Detailed analysis of the site itself
  • The type, volume and flow of traffic (pedestrian, vehicles and heavy machinery)
  • All permits and documentation required
  • Complete alignment with the Road Management Act 2004

Ensure you are providing the safest work environment possible and meeting all levels of compliance by trusting your traffic management with our experts.

Understanding risk assessment

Risk assessment is the first critical step in any operational traffic management plan (TMP) or construction traffic management plan (CTMP). This aims to identify any potential hazards to minimise risk and prevent accidents from happening. This process includes:

  • Identifying hazards: Every single touchpoint where pedestrians and vehicles could potentially interact needs to be identified. The layout (or floorplan for an indoor or warehouse TMP) needs to be considered, including any hazards like low ceilings, blind turns and areas of poor visibility.
  • Reviewing work requirements: A complete dossier needs to be put together, outlining all people, vehicles and large items of moving machinery involved in the project and their role. This includes the size of the vehicles and machines, where they will be operating, loading and unloading points, and all of the requirements that will be needed to accommodate them, including entrance and exit points.
  • Controlling the risks: We can achieve this by substituting the hazard for a safer option, isolating the risk from employees, pedestrians and vehicles, engineering controls like sensors and camera, and providing proper administrative controls like training and supervision.

We ensure the proper controls, signage and signals are put in place for any other risk, and all workers are provided with the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).

Traffic management signals and guidance

Organising the flow of traffic is a critical part of the TMP. Guiding and managing the traffic on local roads to prevent accidents requires careful planning and signals to be put in place to avoid collisions.

A traffic guidance scheme (TGS) will be provided for all managers on a project to clearly show the location of all control functions. These schemes will also include any changed conditions on roads and footpaths to areas that can be isolated while construction is carried out.

Preparing your permit applications

Many projects can get bogged down by the red tape you need to cut through to get the appropriate permits and approvals to proceed. There are different permits required, depending on whether the project impacts major roads (VicRoads) or local roads and streets (council). It is common practice for a TGS to be provided at the bare minimum, although a TMP is often required. We will provide you with all of this documentation and guide you through the permit process.

Some of the challenges you could face include rejection of your TGS or TMP because they are poorly designed, or delayed starts to projects due to long turnarounds in receiving permits and approvals.

Our highly skilled team will ensure all of the documentation meets the required standards, working with the relevant local councils and road authorities to expedite this process so you can get to work safely and on time.

Trust our experience and technology

Failing to have a TMP that is comprehensive and compliant can lead to significant issues. These can delay projects and cause major disruptions if they are not put together correctly. Worse still, a poor TMP could lead to an accident, injuries or worse.

Our highly skilled team is meticulous with all risk assessment and controls to deliver a TMP that will ensure smooth flow and safe operations. We also use the latest management software to ensure you are getting the best outcome and a safe work environment.

For more information, a free quote or to request a plan, contact us today on (03) 9066 4417 or email plans@trafficplans.company.

The Traffic Plans Company specialise in quality traffic management plans and planning around Melbourne and other areas of Australia.

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