When Do I Need a Traffic Management Plan (TMP)?

Managing traffic on Australia’s roads during construction works, roadworks and other major projects is required to keep everyone safe and keep risk to a minimum. Ensuring that vehicles, pedestrians, workers and members of the public are able to safely share a space, a traffic control plan is a key element that is needed in many situations. At The Traffic Plans Company, we are here to help prepare a comprehensive traffic plan that satisfies all the necessary requirements, removing the hassle so you can get on with the project. Let’s take a look at when a workplace traffic management plan is needed and how you can obtain one.

If You Are Planning Any Works On a Road, Street, Lane or Footpath, You Must Submit a Traffic Management Plan

This traffic plan details how all road users in and around the site will be safely managed whilst the works are in progress. It covers temporary changes to traffic conditions, road and footpath closures and traffic detours. This documentation is needed to comply with the Road Management Act 2004 the Road Safety Act 1986 and Australian Standard AS 1742.3 2019 – Traffic control devices for works on roads.

Who Can Prepare a Traffic Management Plan?

A traffic management plan must be prepared by a qualified person, or a professional traffic control company. The information provided must be true and accurate as any false information or inconsistencies can result in the application being delayed.

What Does a Construction Traffic Control Plan Include?

A proper TMP will cover the below details:

  • The flow of pedestrian and vehicle movements
  • The expected frequency of interaction of vehicles and pedestrians
  • The layout of barriers, walkways, signage and general arrangements to guide traffic around, past, or through a work site

It may also set out:

  • The responsibilities of people managing traffic in the workplace
  • The responsibilities of people expected to interact with traffic in the workplace
  • Any instructions or procedures for controlling traffic, including in emergency situations

Traffic management plans should be regularly reviewed, especially following an incident. This will ensure they are effective and take any changes at the workplace into consideration. All staff should be familiar with the TMP and they should be provided with information and training on its use.

Trust Our Team for a Detailed Construction Site Traffic Management Plan

Offering a complete traffic management plan and emergency traffic control service, we deliver plans that fully comply with government and industry safety standards. When it comes to traffic management, people’s lives are at risk, whether they are workers, pedestrians or motorists in and around the site so it’s critical that you engage with a professional team that takes compliance seriously. With over 60 years’ experience, we have gained a reputation for professionalism and excellence within the industry, so you can rely on The Traffic Plans Company for a high quality and effective traffic management solution. For more information, please contact our team to discuss your needs by calling (03) 9066 4417 or request a plan online now.

The Traffic Plans Company specialise in quality traffic management plans and planning around Melbourne and other areas of Australia.

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