In a nutshell, a Swept Path Analysis assesses the various ways a vehicle may move in a specific area. Throughout this examination, measurements of the precise path that the vehicle follows is calculated, particularly when turns are involved. Once a vehicle turns, it’s important to understand where it will move to next and the amount of space it will need to maneuver safely. These measurements eliminate risk and accidents that can happen due to spatial restrictions in an urban environment.

Previously, analyses like these were done manually, but advanced technology means they can be carried out through highly intuitive software.

Who needs a vehicle Swept Path calculation?

Spanning across a number of industries and company formats, a Swept Path analysis can provide support in many ways. As a critical part of on-street design, these checks are also found in several other fields – like building interiors, light rail developments and even aircraft movements. For construction sites, they also act as the cornerstone for plotting routes for certain vehicles and machinery.

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis

Here’s an example of how a Vehicle Swept Path works

Let’s consider a developer who is embarking on construction of five units in a busy area of the inner-city. He’s restricted by narrow roads and plenty of obstacles along it – like street furniture. To make the design even trickier, the only access to the site he is developing on is a residential laneway. To effectively carry out his demolition, excavation and delivery works, he needs to figure out how vehicles can safely navigate the area.

In this scenario, a Swept Path Analysis acts as a simulation and calculation to determine how these vehicles will move around the narrow roads surrounding the site. The software is backed by a library of various vehicle types and sizes, meaning examiners can carefully assess the potential scenarios.

Before any council can issue a building permit, they’ll ask for the type and size of larger vehicles requiring access to the site, and will request proof of safe manoeuvres. The Traffic Plans Company assists with these turning templates, allowing them to be overlaid on top of a feature survey or existing conditions aerial photography. They can even be used over a site plan showing newly introduced temporary site security or traffic management measures.

Should you carry out an analysis?

These types of calculations are complex and feature a number of important details to create a comprehensive, well-rounded strategy that’s tailored for the specific environment in question. Utilising state-of-the-art strategies and software, our team builds outcomes that are concise, clear and aligned with the original brief.

If you are involved in the following fields, our Swept Path analysis solutions may be the best fit for you:

  • Development of a residential development where you need to remove or deliver materials
  • Commercial construction material removal and delivery
  • If your works are in a built-up area where large vehicles don’t commonly access
  • If you need to prove to the approval body (e.g. Council) that you are able to complete your works without damage to council assets
  • If you need to check weather trucks can turn around within your site
  • If you are altering road conditions and need to prove that large vehicle access is still able to be maintained (e.g. garbage trucks, busses, moving trucks etc.)
  • Primary road access for buses, as well as connected roadways.
  • Retail and industrial facilities with delivery vehicles
  • Education institutions with bus, coach and delivery solutions and a need for high-frequency vehicle movement during certain periods.

As a reputable traffic management company, we also understand that some projects are highly unique in their criteria and requirements. Designed to be versatile and continuously agile, we offer plans that are tailored for your specific environment, no matter the context. For these needs, we encourage you to speak to our experts one-on-one to obtain a customised quote.

Trust us to carry out the most detailed check

As we’ve been across industry projects like this for a number of years, we’ve become the go-to for Swept Analysis calculations across Melbourne. With all the insights and qualifications required to ensure quality work across the board, we help our clients – big and small – create positive, optimised concepts out of their developments.

For more information on our construction traffic management services, get in touch with our supportive team now. We’re always more than happy to guide you through the steps required, or answer any questions you may have around this line of work.

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