Traffic Control Plans in Melbourne

The Traffic Plans Company are experts when preparing traffic control plans throughout Melbourne or the rest of Australia. We will create a traffic control plan that is up to all Australian Standards and the corresponding codes-of-practice. We know that traffic control in Melbourne can be a real issue and we aim to create a traffic control plan that will minimise the risk of hazards whilst maintaining the best possible flow of traffic through your work site.

The Traffic Plans Company have earned a pre-qualification status with Vic Roads for traffic control plans throughout Melbourne and Victoria. We have proven and shown that we strictly adhere to all codes of practice and the Road Management Act and Regulations. It is with this knowledge that you should make your decision on hiring a professional traffic control management company.

Traffic Control Plans are legally required to be used in road building, road maintenance projects, construction sites and local government institutions. The Traffic Plans Company will help obtain the authorisation needed from Victoria Roads and any other government or council to ensure your project runs on budget and time.

With Melbourne being rated the best city in the world to live in again and the rapid population growth, it is vital to get an expert traffic management planning company that understands the growth and how to deal with it. The Traffic Plans Company have played a large role in providing traffic control plans over the years for some huge projects such as:

  • Eastlink Construction (Melbourne)
  • Work for the City of Port Adelaide Enfield (Adelaide)
  • John Holland Rail (Melbourne)
  • Citylink Freeway (Melbourne)
  • And more

The importance of a correct Traffic Control Plan in the middle of construction is vital for the safety of workers, pedestrians and motorists traveling through the construction zone each day. It is also a legal necessity and must be approved before construction can even begin. A properly layed out control plan also maximises the safety of emergency response teams

So when it comes to safety and traffic control management, let The Traffic Plans Company draft and complete a plan that will maximise the safety and control of your project.