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What Goes into Traffic Management Planning?

Any project that impacts local streets and roads needs to be designed and managed correctly to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians. That is where traffic management planning comes into play. Whether you are commencing a new construction project, upgrading an existing shopping centre or holding an event that impacts roads, it is […]

Everything you Need to Know about the Permits and Approvals Process

Some necessary permits and approvals need to be met with most construction or building projects. These processes can sometimes be complicated, but compliance is essential, or fines or other penalties may apply. The planning and approvals process can be frustrating, but The Traffic Plans Company is here to guide you through each step. We’ll simplify […]

Enforcing Forklift Safety Procedures with a Traffic Management Plan

When some people think of a traffic management plan, they tend to think about strategies to prevent vehicles and people from colliding with each and causing injury. But what about machinery? Forklifts are a common item of machinery that is used on a range of job sites. But because they can weigh over 4 tonnes, […]

Is your Road Project a Risk to your Workers?

Many projects involve working on roads, streets, freeways and laneways in Victoria, and wherever there is traffic, there is a risk of injury to your workers. Here’s everything you need to know about safeguarding your workforce in these scenarios. How do you identify risks in construction projects? The first and most important thing you should […]

What is the Purpose of a Traffic Management Plan?

A traffic management plan at any construction site is not just advisable; it is your legislated duty to ensure all workers, visitors, pedestrians, motorists, and any other people who have a touchpoint with your project are kept safe. The Road Safety Act states that works must be “conducted safely for road users and persons engaged […]

Traffic Management Plans for your Workplace: Why you Need One

Any worksite with moving vehicles and pedestrians needs a traffic management plan to ensure workers, visitors, and pedestrians’ safety. This doesn’t just mean large-scale construction traffic management plans or strategies for circumstances where you may be looking to take a project to the next level. It also includes any site works that may impact traffic […]