A Complete Traffic Plans Solution For Your Business

Outsource your planning to us

Many of our clients have (or have had previously), their own Traffic Plans departments. Several of these planning departments employ several qualified staff, often at considerable cost.

The Traffic Plans Company offers a complete outsourcing service which assumes the duties and responsibilities of drafting your Traffic Management Plans, and if required, applying for and securing works permits.

We recognise the importance and requirement for all Traffic Management Plans to be:

  • Drawn to Australian Standards (AS) 1742-3-2009 or the relevant “Code of Practice”
  • Fully complaint in all respects;
  • Carefully thought out and drafted to ensure the most cost-effective use of Traffic Management resources;

Affordable Pricing

The Traffic Plans Company offers several services. Pricing is realistic, and based on a sliding scale, depending on the Service Option required.

Our team can show you several case studies where by outsourcing plans to us, you can:

  • Reduce costs
  • Reduce Turn Around times
  • Increase the quality of your Traffic Management Plans
  • Gain consistency and predictability across the plans and permits process

Fixed - Cost Alterations

For larger clients, requiring large volumes of plans, The Traffic Plans Company can provide a complete turnkey solution for a particular project or region. With this option your costs are fixed each month based on the volume of TMPs required

Turnaround Times

Traffic Management Plans are typically generated within 48 hours of a request being confirmed