Everything you Need to Know about the Permits and Approvals Process

Some necessary permits and approvals need to be met with most construction or building projects. These processes can sometimes be complicated, but compliance is essential, or fines or other penalties may apply.

The planning and approvals process can be frustrating, but The Traffic Plans Company is here to guide you through each step. We’ll simplify it as much as possible so that your next project involving road reserves is quickly approved. Get to work and have it completed on time with this guide from our experts.

When do I need a planning permit in Victoria?

You are going to need permission when you plan to dig in any part of a council-managed roadway. These include excavations, trenching, core sampling, installing any driveways, guttering, access to sewer systems, or other civil works. It also includes connecting services such as water, gas, stormwater, internet cabling or any form of underground power connections.

You will also need a planning permit if you will be carrying out any of those works that impact any form of road, laneway, street, freeway or highway. This includes nature strips, guttering, car parks and footpaths.

Who issues building permits in Victoria?

This depends on which road you are planning to work on. For all of the freeways and most of the arterial roads that service them, you will need to apply for permits through the Coordinating Road Authority, VicRoads. For most streets and laneways in Victoria, the Coordinating Road Authority is the local council.

How long does the approval process take?

As long as the application is made correctly and there are no complications, a permit will usually be issued within five working days for small projects and 10 for larger projects. Some factors can delay the process, including engineering, any works that involve utilities, complications in the planning process, and environmental and land use issues.

Where we come in

No one wants their project to be delayed; time is money. To ensure that your development isn’t caught in limbo while you seek the right permits and approval, you have to provide planning that is 100 per cent compliant with no complications that can lead to delays.

The Traffic Plans Company can assist you with this journey for all projects and ensure you get all of the permits and approvals you require quickly. We are a preferred organisation with the council because of our 60 years of experience and our attention to detail. Moreover, we can also offer VicRoads pre-qualified Traffic Management Plans (TMP).

If you are in a hurry, we can assist with same-day express planning options available. Our team is experienced and has all the right connections, so contact us to breeze through this often overwhelming field.

The Traffic Plans Company specialise in quality traffic management plans and planning around Melbourne and other areas of Australia.

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